Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kansas Judges - The 'Merit' Selection - The "Good Ole Boys"

"To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism." 
— G. Edward Griffin

 2012 Sept. 14th - Kansas Judicial "Merit" System Upheld By the Good Ole Boys' 

"The ruling comes in a lawsuit challenging the lawyer-dominated commission that forwards judicial nominees to the governor."

Kansas Supreme is now the only part of the Judicial branch being selected by the KBA or the Kansas Lawyers. The Appellate Courts were changed in 2013 through HB 2019. In order to change the Supreme Court it will take a Constitutional Amendment change requiring 2/3 of each house and a majority of the electorate to an open process rather than a closed political process. (Good Ole Boys)

Kansas Paper KS Bar picks it's Judges. Dr. Steven Ware

Selection to the Kansas Supreme Court Kansas is the only state in the union that gives the members of its bar majority control over the selection of state supreme court justices. The bar consequently has more control over the judiciary in Kansas than in any other state. This process for selecting justices to the Kansas Supreme Court is described by the organized bar as a “merit,” rather than political, process. Other observers, however, emphasize that the process has a political side as well. This paper surveys debate about possible reforms to the Kansas Supreme Court selection process. These reforms would reduce the amount of control exercised by the bar and establish a more public system of checks and balances. 
KansasPaper KS Bar picks it's Judges. Dr. Steven Ware

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