Friday, August 31, 2012

Comments Open on Case Management Guideline's

Note: To Media, Judiciary and We The People,

See Folder of Recent Appellate, Briefs, Amicus, Opinions et Judicial Guidelines [Highlighted]

Judiciary seeks case management input
  This is the same "Draft" they had last January. Why take public input on something they have drafted already, this makes no sense! It is riddled with the same garbage it had before, and doesn't address many of the points laid out in the Appellate Opinions, or the briefs themselves in 2012 alone. The fundamental statute is broke and needs to be scraped - lipstick on a PIG is still a pig! 
Now we are sending comments to Art,???  knowing damn well the vetting process is going to be tainted as long as the Supreme Court is involved. I would be ignorant to believe that we are going anywhere in this process as long as the Judicial Branch "thinks" it has control of this process. 
The very idea that Cheryl Powers SITS on the Advisory board is an abomination and a dishonest attempt to move forward for everyone involved. Until the system is purged of the Judicial interference in this process and many others i.e. child support, we are going to continue to fail. I have provided the new Draft we will be pushing this year in a PDF!   

  The very idea of Judicial guidelines is to help with "Procedural issues" for judges in the lower courts and I'm sending the (3) documents this year that the Appellate courts have ruled on, YET the Supreme Court has stayed silent and never drafted a singe "guideline" to address the problems being seen in THEIR COURTS!
They will put Guideline 266 out "Case Management statutory law changes" that have NO reason to be issued - if this was the case why doesn't the Supreme Court issue guidelines for every new statutory law change? This unfortunately is the problem with the courts and their inability to regulate themselves in house. 
It is important that this kind of blatant disregard for the welfare of the public through our courts is what causes the problems. The important information in these court findings are "MUTE" as the Supreme Court continues to not let or direct the lower courts to change course in their daily business even when it comes to DUE PROCESS and following the LAWS.
  This where the public is getting screwed! The courts KNOW they have judges making bad decisions and improperly using the application of laws and statutes and have done NOTHING to curve this. The public is stuck paying to Appeal or take it? This isn't acceptable in any setting..

Folder of Recent Appellate, Briefs, Amicus, Opinions et Judicial Guidelines [Highlighted]

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